(Part of) the DIPP Lab in COVID times, meeting over zoom
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Patty, Florencia, Kendall, Dr. Fanniff, and Ayanna
Katareena, Florencia, Jennifer, Dr. Fanniff, Julia, Ariane, Taylor

The Developmentally Informed Policy and Practice Lab is engaged in research and scholarship regarding effective public policies and clinical practices with a focus on adolescence and emerging adulthood.


The group's work includes research on issues relevant to forensic psychology practice as well as on adolescents and young adults who have engaged in sexually abusive behaviors.


Given the high rates of traumatic exposure in juvenile and adult forensic populations, we also are engaged in research that explores the impact of traumatic experiences on attitudes, behavior, risk, and justice system processing. 


Our goal is to inform assessment, treatment, prevention, and justice system responses that are:

  1. Developmentally-sensitive

  2. Culturally-relevant

  3. Empirically-based

Patty, Julia, Florencia, Dr. Fanniff, Jennifer, Katareena, Noelle, and Samantha
Florencia Iturri awarded one of the 2019 APLS Minority Affairs Committee 
Diversity Awards
DIPP Lab Alum Maya Lujan's dissertation published in Criminal Justice and Behavior

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