Carly Hanks, Ph.D.

Carly completed her pre-doctoral psychology intern at the Atlanta VA Medical Center where she completed rotations in Diversity, Women’s Wellness Primary Care Mental Health Integration, Trauma Recovery Services, and Consult/Liaison. Ms. Hanks will be obtaining her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University in June 2018. She also completed a Master’s in Forensic Psychology at Roger Williams University. During her time in Rhode Island, her research interests were forensic in nature, focusing on interrogation practices of the U.S. military, juvenile delinquency, Miranda right comprehension, and eyewitness identification. Ms. Hanks’ current research focuses on sexual practices across the lifetime, pornography consumption, and female sexual coercion. Her clinical interests include female veterans, LGBTQ populations, multiculturalism and trauma-related disorders. Ms. Hanks’ will complete a post-doctoral fellowship at the Atlanta VA after graduation and plans to pursue a career as a VA psychologist.

Samantha Litt, Ph.D.

Samantha Litt completed her doctoral studies in 2018. Samantha's primary research interests include sex offending, psychopathy, and intimate partner sexual violence. Her dissertation focused on the relationship between the various types of child maltreatment, psychopathic traits, and intimate partner sexual violence and coercion. She has completed practica at the Department of State Hospitals - Salinas Valley, Goodwill Parole Reentry Court, and the Gronowski Center. Her professional goals include forensic evaluation and providing mental health services to offenders with severe mental illness in a state hospital setting. 

Rami Mogannam, Ph.D.

Rami completed his predoctoral internship at Utah State Hospital. He has been a member of the research group for five years and has contributed to research regarding early exposure to pornography use. His further research interests include forensic assessment and psychopathy. Rami is currently completing his dissertation evaluating the relationship between psychopathy and sexual coercion in college students. Having graduated, he is pursuing a career in forensic psychologist completing criminal and civil evaluations for the courts. In his free time, Rami enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and spending time with his Labrador retriever. 

Lisa Cannizzaro, Ph.D.

Lisa completed her pre-doctoral internship at Larned State Hospital on the Sexual Predator Treatment Program.  Her clinical interests include conducting individual and group therapy, as well as forensic assessment among sexual offenders and individuals with a mental illness involved in the legal system.  Lisa's research interests include exploring predictors of female-perpetrated sexual coercion and examining how the relationship among trauma, pornography consumption, and sexual coercion may differ by gender.  In her ever-evaporating spare time, she enjoys taunting her cats with a laser pointer and shamefully practicing guitar.  

Patricia McCormick, Ph.D

Bio coming soon

Jennifer Gelber, Ph.D

Jennifer is a 6th year doctoral student. Jennifer's primary research interests involve the perpetration of sexual coercion and assault. Current projects include: the nexus between attachment and the perpetration of sexual coercion; the relationship between early exposure to pornography, personality characteristics, and prediction of sexual coercion; and the presence culture within top Forensic journals. Jennifer has completed practicum rotations at The Palo Alto VA, on acute inpatient psychiatry, and a dual diagnosis residential facility, where she provided therapeutic, assessment, and crisis services to adult male veterans and adult males receiving substance abuse treatment, respectively. Her professional goals include providing assessment and therapeutic services to both incarcerated and paroled offenders with lengthy sentences; specializing in adjustment, trauma endured while incarcerated, and end-of-life/ identity concerns.

Noelle Mathew, Ph.D

Noelle is a 6th year doctoral student.  Her primary research interests involve culturally informed assessment of childhood maltreatment and how ethnic background may influence perception of maltreatment. Current projects include a manuscript under review regarding the relationship between pornography use, sexual coercion, and childhood maltreatment; a manuscript in progress on maltreatment rates and the psychometric properties of the CTQ-SF with an ethnically diverse sample; and her dissertation involving the use of Item Response Theory with the CTQ-SF.  Noelle is currently a practicum student at a residential treatment facility for individuals struggling with substance use.  Her role at this site involves the administration, scoring, and interpretation of various neuropsychological and personality assessment measures. Previously, she has provided therapeutic and assessment services in to a juvenile justice population, as well as in a community mental health setting. Her professional goals include completing various evaluations in the justice system and providing therapeutic services for forensic populations. 

Samantha Meyer, Ph.D

Samantha is a 6th year doctoral student. She is currently on internship at California Medical Facility- Psychiatric Inpatient Program Vacaville. Samantha's primary research interest is examining risk factors for violence. Her dissertation examines the relationship between masculine gender role strain, pornography consumption, and intimate partner violence. Noelle, Dr. Fanniff, and Samantha recently submitted a manuscript for review that examines ethnic differences in endorsement of childhood maltreatment using the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire. Samantha’s long-term career goals are to conduct assessments and provide treatment within a correctional setting, as well as conduct risk evaluations for those about to be released to the community. 

Julia Kline, Ph.D

Julia is a 5th year doctoral student. Julia's primary research interest is the interaction between trauma and offending. She is currently contributing to a meta-analysis that examines subtypes of juveniles who have committed a sexual offense as well as two manuscripts that examine disproportionate minority contact in the legal system. Julia completed her dissertation, which examined whether gender and polyvictimization are predictors of trajectories of delinquent behavior. She is currently completing her predoctoral internship through the Federal Bureau of Prisons at FCC Butner in North Carolina. Her professional goals include becoming a board-certified forensic psychologist within the Bureau of Prisons.

Florencia Iturri, Ph.D

Florencia is a 5th year doctoral student. Originally from Bolivia she moved to California with the goal of becoming a board-certified forensic psychologist who conducts forensic assessments and provides psychotherapy to a culturally diverse forensic population. Florencia is currently working on her dissertation exploring the relationship between machismo, heteronormativity, and sexual assault perpetration in a sample of straight, gay, and bisexual Latino men. She is additionally working on research projects related to the intersection of culture and forensics. Florencia is currently completing her practicum training at BHRS working with detained juveniles. She was previously at the HOPE program where she provided individual and group therapy in English and Spanish to sex offenders on probation and parole. 

Taylor York, Ph.D

Taylor completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology at Palo Alto University. She completed her MS degree through PAU’s online program before transitioning to the PhD program as a second-year student. She is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Suffolk County Juvenile Court Clinic in Massachusetts where she is conducting forensic evaluations. She previously completed internship at Larned State Hospital and practicums at Monterey Country Children's Behavioral Health, StarVista's Insights program, GIRLS camp, Camp Glenwood and Youth Services Center, as well as the Gronowski Center. Taylor's primary research interests include culturally inclusive forensic practice and evidenced-based forensic practices. She is currently working on multiple studies related to cultural competence in forensic assessment. Taylor's professional goals include providing therapeutic services to incarcerated individuals and help to improve access to evidence-based mental health services for forensic populations.