Leila's Dog Chispa (she/ella)

Chispa is a 9-year-old Aussiedoodle who enjoys distracting Leila from her work to go outside and run around the beaches or mountains. Previously, she worked as a therapy dog with Leila in Vancouver at psychiatric group homes and earned many treats for her hard work. She is bilingual (English and Spanish) and is just as passionate about racial justice as her mom.

Hester's Dogs Gracie (she/her) & Blaze (he/him)

When they are not fighting for women’s rights and tearing down the school to prison pipeline, Gracie and Blaze enjoy snuggles, walkies by the bay, and zoomies in the backyard. They love to have interactions with animals of all species, including but not limited to cats, squirrels, bees, possums, and skunks (mom was not a fan of that one).  Gracie and Blaze are loving pups who will always be there for your protection. 

Isabel's Cats Buzz & Woody

Buzz (the floof laying down) and Woody Krein (sitting like a good boy), 2-year-old brothers. They enjoy greenies (#dentalcare), pawing at doors and windows for no true purpose, and screaming rather than meowing. Their favorite daily activity is waking up their mother in the morning with love by head butting, sitting on her chest, or stepping on her throat to really get the day started!

Ashton's Dog Stevie (she/her)

Stevie is the most beautiful 4 year old Yorkie around! When she isn't living out her Elle Woods fantasies and earning an honorary PhD, she can be found snoozing, looking for treats, and playing with her favorite squirrels. Stevie is currently enjoying a supervisory role for her mother's psychotherapy practicum, a role she hopes to continue in the future. She is also wildly passionate about human rights...whoever said you can't look fabulous while fighting for social change has never met this wonderful girl!

Emily's Cat Simon

Simon is a 16 year old siamese mix who acts like a pretentious old British woman. He loves company (on his terms) and manipulation through intense eye contact. He stares deep into your soul with his galaxy eyes causing confusion of whether to worship him or fear him. He’s not afraid to tell you exactly what he wants by either howling, meowing, or whispering. He lives for food pets, sun bathing, and standing on Emily’s back when her alarm goes off in the morning. He has lived with her since he was adopted at 11 years old and they have formed a special connection even though it often feels conditional. 

Murphy's cat Schrodinger and dog Abby (both she/her, presumably)

Schrode is the brains and Abs is the brawn in this relationship. Deep down they're besties, but Schrode will cut you before she admits that out loud. Known to snuggle, especially when living in areas with snow, this dynamic duo has lived in 4 total states, been sprayed by one skunk, destroyed two screen doors, and driven across the entire country three times. Schrodinger's favorite food is french fries and Abs loves .... everything.